Khamis, 15 Julai 2010

capiton is the world champione!!!!

the arsenal  captain finally won something BIG TIME actually!!!! world cup champion 2010 and without him playing the game might ended up a draw..though iniesta scored but the excellent pass from fab that led to the goal.

Khamis, 17 Jun 2010

World Cup 2010 : the journey so far...

Both my favourite team to win world cup, Holland & Brazil won their game but the German team that impressed the most by trashing the Socceroos 4-0. Both South Korea & Japan won their games while Italy struggled and managed only a draw against Paraguay. But the biggest shock thus far is non other than the so called favourite Spain with fully loaded with Barca players succumbed to a defeat against coherence defensive unit of Swiss team last nite. My advice to Spanish team is to play Fabregas. Playing with 2 defensive midfielder Xabi Alonso & Sergio Busquets is proved to be awkward move whereas out of the squad, Carlos Senna could handle the tasks by himself during Euro 2008.

captain fab

Ok the best player for round 1 is German creative midfielder Mesut Ozil. I think this guy can replace youknowho any time at Arsenal.

Mesut Ozil

Ahad, 13 Jun 2010


spending time cat-mengecat bilik this weekend. I think it is my first time mengecat ni..selalu waktu di rumah Sibo especially sebelum raya, berjaya avoiding it which ended up my brother yang ngecat. Ok my daugther always ask to paint the room jadi pink ad now she is away with my in-laws di Jakarta so it is time to surprise her. Quite like a surprise birthday gift for her.. Of Course this is not enough for her!! Ok back to painting stuffs. First steps is to buy necessary items and have to estimate roughly how much or litre paints to be used. As for myself, I got some advices from the experts or even sales assistant can assist. I just bought 3 litres of pink "carer " cat..well sapa sik suka pink carer....and other stuffs mcm berus cat, roller & etc.

so called necessary items

2nd step is to clear the room..and to cover with newspaper apa yang perlu di cover..and cat guna undercoat cat...baruk kacak!!! of course it is not easy for pioneer like me...penat gila ngecat....

before : quite messy tapi dah clear

Dah semua di cat guna undercoat, next step what I bahagian tepi yang tricky which cannot be reached by roller I guess?...

mandor dah check..kira ok

Lastly little bit easy task is to paint all the way using roller but still took 2 hours as I did it twice with 2 layers..baruk kacak!!

ok completed

Once completed everybody is wife senyum as well as my youngest just waiting for kid coming back from Jakarta..hope she will be happy too with her father's effort...huh!!


Jumaat, 11 Jun 2010


world cup 2010

Ok it starts TODAY!!!! the biggest event of the year. The beginning of full time commitment to world cup!! apart from family matters the next important thing is WORLD CUP!!! Well, this time around, I personally think that no other team that can challenge Brazil..It is a perfect team with offensive and defensive strength!!

Brazil : The team to beat

Thats why for me Brazil is the team to beat this time. Apart from Brazil, I reckon that Holland will do well in this tournament as they have a well balanced squad this time and I strongly believe that Van Persie will score lots of goal for them. He is surely damned good and physically fit and eager to do his stuffs. Not to mention sneidjder and van der vaart who are capable of doing great things. As for Spain, they can beat any European Teams anytime.. but doubtful when facing American & African Teams, I think they will struggle as usual..may be I a little bit biased due to so called Barca bound Fabregas situation at the moment. and bunch of unspoken barca teamates in spanish team.

Van Persie: man to watch!

Well for England..hmmm..I never support the national team though I follow the league, the most they can get is semifinal of quarterfinal but it is not easy to beat them with Don Capello in charged..There are of course traditional contenders such as French, Germany, Italy & Argentina..if their key players perform!! then they will go far....Argentina will need more than Messi to win world cup...may he can do it..I dunno..maybe Christiano Ronaldo will do it for Portugal, or Ribery, Di Natale or Podolski........

Messi : can transfrom my Barca's form with this team

christiano ronaldo: I'm a fighter

ribery : Can I do it again just like last world cup

Di Natale : Azzuri's hope

Podolski : Hope for Germany

At the end of the day the team with the best and efficient teamwork and not individual performance will win the biggest prize in sports..

Khamis, 10 Jun 2010

ESPN STAR Fantasy Football

ESPN STAR Fantasy Football

the best thing about world cup is opportunity to show our managerial skills and knowledge by playing world cup fantasy games. I'm myself subscribed to few fantasy games..hope this time can win something...

Rabu, 9 Jun 2010

photos and past events for 2010 part 1





dida & fifi

crazy!! first posting for the year..I thought facebook has overtaken blogging stuffs but who cares anyway..janji putting something here..sayang kosong bah....

Isnin, 14 Disember 2009

2-1 win and back in title race..

Hard fought win after a poor start at the second half. The team came back strongly in the second and pressure Liverpool to score an own goal and  follow by a stunning game by arshavin. If  I'm not mistaken there was no clear cut goal attempt by liverpool which the same happened with arsenal in the first half. Anyway really relief with this vital win. Now arsenal is back in third and in title race as well. what a feeling..........